There's nothing quite like a stunningly festive staircase!

Rudd Joinery, on 20th December, 2018

Thanks to their long banisters and the multitude of spindles available, wooden staircases lend themselves perfectly to being decorated. As well as helping to get you and your family into the festive spirit, covering your staircase in tinsel, lights and greenery is a fantastic way to bring Christmas cheer into the heart of your home and bring your interior to life.

To help you make the most of your festive staircase, we’re looking at why it’s such an important interior feature and how you can decorate it to perfection.

The festive staircase

In most houses, the staircase is a fairly central structural feature. More often than not, it’s the first thing you see when you walk through the front door. Decorating your staircase to match your festive feel is therefore a fantastic way to make an impact on your visitors and prepare your house for the festive season.


If you have a wooden staircase, wrapping the spindles and banister in tinsel will help to enhance the colour of the wood and make your staircase look even more spectacular. The colour of tinsel you choose will depend on your interior design and your other festive decorative elements. Often, staircases look best when just one shade of tinsel is used, but you can always use multiple tones if you like your decorations a little more colourful.


Wrap your staircase in lights and you’ll be able to completely transform the look of the banister when night falls. In order to avoid trips and falls on the staircase, you’ll need to tape down the power cable for your lights or plug them in where they won’t be in the way. Alternatively, use battery-powered lights and place them wherever you like. You can wind the lights in and out of the spindles and around your tinsel, greenery and other festive decorations. Switch your lights on when the sun goes down and your festive staircase will really come alive.


If you want a slightly more natural festive look, you can achieve a fantastic aesthetic using greenery from your local park or garden. Weave holly, fern, tree branches or ivy into your banister and around your lights for a sophisticated and beautiful Christmas display. Use a few well-placed baubles or tinsel decorations to help your arrangement catch the light. You could also make bows out of red ribbon and tie these to your banisters to complete your festive staircase.

A beautifully crafted wooden staircase can make a fantastic central feature in your festive home. Find out more about installing and commissioning these wonderful features by exploring our site today.